About Us



Tim and Frank met over 23 years ago while working for the State of Pennsylvania. Over the years, conversations about life and hobbies led to the discovery that Tim and Frank shared several interests–both served in the military, they both enjoyed hunting and fishing, and they shared a love of good food, especially home-cooked BBQ.

As the years passed and Tim and Frank approached a major milestone–retirement–they found themselves wondering how they would spend their days. Tim had developed a wide variety of great BBQ sauces and rubs, and over the years, they had spent countless hours at backyard parties and cookouts, honing their skills and mastering the techniques of smoked BBQ. What had started with a true passion for cooking delicious home-cooked BBQ had evolved into requests from friends and family to have Tim and Frank cook at other events. With the vast, empty abyss of retirement looming ahead of them, casual conversations and jokes led to an idea: What if we bought a large smoker and sold our BBQ?

And in typical guy fashion, their response was simply: How hard can it be?

They blindly took the next step and purchased a smoker, a few tents, and some basic equipment.

The reality of starting a business was more grueling than either of them envisioned, but despite the challenges, Tim and Frank, with their two decades of friendship and with the support of their wives, Dee and Lynn, have steadily grown their love of BBQ into a thriving business with a state-of-the-art 21-ft concession food trailer and a 16-ft smoker/cooker.

Big Belly’s BBQ began with two guys who really just love to eat and share their love of eating with others, and today, they are happy to serve corporate events, fundraisers, lunch crowds, and parties of all sizes.